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The Real Mike Hammer

Mickey Spillane and my father, Jack Stang became fast friends. Mickey used my father as the inspiration and model for his new character- “Mike Hammer”-who would become the most famous fictional private detective of all time.

Mickey became the world’s most published author of that era. Hollywood pursued Mickey and the “Mike Hammer” novels which inspired multiple movies and two TV series. Every actor wanted to test for the role of Mike Hammer, but Mickey wanted Jack Stang cast as the “gumshoe.”

Some fans and readers of Mickey Spillane’s “Mike Hammer” will know the name Jack Stang. Jack Stang was the actual person that Mickey used as a model for the character. Jack was to play Mike Hammer in the first film, “I, the jury.”

To the original fans and the new fans of “Mike Hammer”, this book will give you some fascinating history.


The Real Mike Hammer