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The reader should know that Jack Stang was my father and I have chosen to tell this story in his voice. He was an extraordinary man and I have tried to tell his story in an unbiased manner. He was not perfect as no one is, but he was truly a man of his time.

My life experiences and conversations with my father, things that were told to me over the years by my mother, uncles, aunts, friends, and people that knew him, have given me insight to things that I had not known until the actual writing of this book.

My uncle Ronny-“Unc” has been absolutely the most help to me in this process and has provided me with photos, articles, and information that was essential in the telling of this story. He and my father were as close as any brothers could be and faced tragedy and triumph together.

I have spent many hours researching books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, interviews, photos and military records, which have been included within the book.

Some things that I could not have known without being there at the moment they occurred, so I wrote in his voice as I think my father would have done.

As the title of this book implies- “The Real Mike Hammer” Who is the Real Mike Hammer? Is there someone that was the model and inspiration for the most famous fictional “gumshoe” of all time- “Mike Hammer?”

Some fans and readers of Mickey Spillane’s “Mike Hammer” will know the name Jack Stang, or know that there was a man that Mickey used as a model for the character, and that Jack Stang was to play Mike Hammer in the first film- “I, the jury” but many will not. To those fans
and new fans of “Mike Hammer”, this book will give you some fascinating history.

This is the story of the real man- Jack Stang and the friendship of two men that lasted over 40 years and the circumstances under which they met.

Another very important friendship is that of Mickey Spillane and Max Collins. Max finished “Dead Street” for Mickey after he passed away and continued to finish some of Mickey’s Mike Hammer books. Mickey and I stayed in touch by phone and some letters after my Dad passed away
and he told me he was doing something special for him.

He used Dads real name for “Dead Street” -Jack Stang. I e- mailed Max as I was working on this book and he responded to me right away! Max has been extremely helpful to me and good friend in giving me guidance.

Jack’s life is chronicled in the following pages from a young boy of 9 years old, through his teen years and stepping into manhood in one of the most turbulent eras in world history that was instrumental in the molding of his life and character.

I must caution the reader, that there is foul language, cursing, and what would appear to be racial epithets to some, but were essential in the telling of this story in the times in which they occurred.

Jack Stang  jr.

The Real Mike Hammer